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    Unwound I saw Unwound a few weeks ago in Philadelphia at Union Transfer.  It was a great show.  Energetic, cathartic, reflective and hopeful.  Perfect.  It felt like an end of something and, maybe like a beginning.  I’m still processing it. I first heard Unwound in 1994/95… not long after their second album, New Plastic Ideas… Continue reading

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    It’s 2023… I’m starting a blog.   I’m not sure what the core of it will be yet, but my goal is to build something on the internet rather than just sinking time and words and images into the abyss of social media.   I imagine I’ll mostly be writing…probably about music… but I’d guess… Continue reading

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A mostly sentient human person. Prone to fits of dormancy. Trying to write but not think too much about what I write.

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